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Weston & Rodriguez Gallery in the press! We´re delighted and thrilled to be featured in this Spanish Magazine focusing on Art and Culture on Mallorca.


The music of Mike Pidone sounded as we entered the fantastic Weston & Rodriguez Art Gallery. The Galician artist made a selection of her plastic works and photos.This exhibition will be until October 30th.

With this new exhibition project, Dorda tries to open a window so committed to Galician culture and contemporary art with an innovative attitude through Universal languages.

The sense of this sample is to raise the most intrinsic of the life cycle of the subject, from childhood to puberty, until arriving through the continuous transformation to form an icon of current beauty. This course on psychology develops through the expressiveness of his works trapping the viewer emotionally with a new vision within the field of painting and photography.

Source: http://lasiestamagazine.com/exposicion-secretos-de-yolanda-dorda

Anne Welford inauguration of Buddha inspired original art works

The second inauguration was very successful with an international turn out at the Weston Rodriguez gallery. Anne Welford´s Buddha paintings proved to be very popular and to see these paintings close up is a real treat, the depth of colour and size really is impressive. A great addition to anyone's home. What really makes them special is the addition of real gold leaf and silver which is brushed on at the end. If you missed the opening night then don´t worry as we´re open during the summer we´ll even invite you to a cold glass of cava.

Launch of Weston & Rodriguez Gallery !!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that came to the launch of our new gallery in Palma.

What an evening, what a turn out! Over 200 people visited that evening and we consumed over 40 bottles of cava. Great fiesta!

Our first exhibition features the photographer Helio Diaz .Among the guest were Oyana, Helio's muse, and professor Perfecto Cuadrado who gave a very moving speech about Helio and his work

More pictures to come....

Aboriginal Art from Alice Springs

Good morning art lovers,

Yess! Another hot day on the island of Mallorca but feeling blessed wit all the gorgeous surroundings. Today new paintings have arrived from Alice Springs Australia. Aboriginal art from Maisie Campbell Napaltjarrie, they do look amazing on the wall, come and see them for yourself. Have and awesome day! If you are on holiday stay safe!! 

Good news !

Hello everyone ,

Gorgeous day today on the island of Mallorca, tourists are arriving by plane by sea, making the Island a great place to be.

We are getting our online gallery ready at FineArtMallorca.com, So all our amazing art work will be available to purchase online.

won t be long...

have a great day