Anne Welford managed to fill the Weston Rodriguez Gallery last night on her inauguration of "Marici" a series of paintings inspired by Buddha.

Anne Welford was born in London, England in 1969.Painting predominantly in acrylic on canvas, she has recently begun experimenting in mixed media including metallic, which explore both iconic and spiritual imagery.

She completed her degree in decorative arts at the City and Guild of London ArtSchool, where she trained in traditional techniques such as gilding and lacquerwork.. Welford currently lives and works in Mallorca. She has worked extensively over the past 8 years producing frescos and murals as special commissions.Welford s first love of art began in life drawing, progressing to arts and crafts style pieces in mediums ranging from metals to paper, charcoal to textiles, aiming for a rich and sensual surface. Her style tends towards dramatic lighting, colour and texture, always containing an impression and superb awareness of the play between depth and solidity.